Oocyte ICSI Zygote Two Cell

Technical Support

Batch quality certificates, brochures, forms, regulatory documents, instructions, scientific publications, videos and other information can be downloaded from the downloads section.
Problems With TPC Pipettes
If you experience problems with TPC pipettes, please contact us or your local TPC distributor immediately.
Please provide as much information as possible about the nature and extent of the problem, including the product code and lot number of the pipettes. If possible, provide samples, photos or videos.
We will investigate the matter as quickly as possible and, if there are manufacturing defects, we will gladly replace the pipettes free of charge.
Our extensive experience with micromanipulation techniques enables us to provide FREE technical support to embryologists. So, if you require our assistance, please contact us. We will provide technical advice and/or direct you to suitable people or scientific publications.

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