Oocyte ICSI Zygote Two Cell

Ultraclean Manufacturing

All manufacturing and packaging is carried out in a state-of-the-art cleanroom which is certified to ISO 14644 class 7. Special filters remove particles, bacteria, VOCs and other airborne and volatile contaminants.
The cleanroom is maintained spotlessly clean and undergoes regular microbiological screening.
To minimise contamination, personnel wear a full set of cleanroom garments - coverall, hood, overshoes, gloves and mask. Gloves are rinsed and decontaminated regularly during use, and undergo regular microbiological screening.
Only ultrapure water is used: > 18.2 MΩ per cm, TOC < 10 ppb, bacteria < 1 CFU per 500 ml, endotoxins < 0.03 EU per ml.
These measures maintain an ultraclean manufacturing environment which ensures ultraclean, sterile pipettes.

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